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I’m a visual artist who also has significant family obligations. I’ve worked with Andrea for several years as she coached me on time management. My situation was complex and stressful, yet working with Andrea gave me hope that I would be able to manage it. In fact, now I work with much greater serenity and, of course, better efficiency. Much of this I credit to Andrea’s coaching: gentle, never judgmental, always honest, and focused on and tailored to my needs (as opposed to a system or program). I have worked with other approaches to organizing, but Andrea’s is by far the most effective I’ve experienced. It’s especially helpful that she responds to each person’s individual needs and capabilities for communication and scheduling.  ~ Mary K.

Thank you for all you’ve done over the past year to help me organize my life.  Getting organized has been empowering and liberating!  My life is going better because I have an organizational plan and my stress level has gone way down.  Having you as my professional organizer has made a tremendous difference in my life.  ~ Ann G.  


You’re the Best!  It is relieving and encouraging to be heard and understood Andrea.  Thank you for your time and talents!  ~ N.H.


Thank you, Andrea.  I just love my office and it is STILL NEAT!  You are the best!!  ~ Carolyn R.

At a very overwhelming time in my life, my prayers were answered when I found Andrea. She offered her expertise in her gentle manner and gave me the confidence and ability I needed to address my disorganization problems. Her guidance regarding paper clutter, time management and needs and values were invaluable to me. I feel liberated with my new filing system and can almost always find what I am looking for.

 Thank you Andrea for all the insight and support you have given to me. You are a jewel!

Janet W.

Thank you so much for ALL you’ve done to help get this house ( & my life ) organized.  I appreciate all of it!  I really enjoy our organizing times together – I look forward to more times ahead!   ~ Elizabeth S.


I feel a very large weight lifted off my shoulders. I feel stronger and can get on with my projects I love to do. I’m so excited about my new craft space. You have really changed my life for the better. Thank you again.   ~ Patricia H.


Wow! Before you got to work on my closet, I thought a large bomb was the only way to improve it. Who knew it could be functional and pretty! Thanks very much, Andrea. I will be singing your praises to everyone.   ~ Mary W.

There is much better energy in my office now.  I can find things, I know where to file things and the best part is that in the newly created space there is a sense of restfulness for the eye and the mind.  But beyond this, I know how to create some of this myself now! 

 The whole experience with S.O.S. was always a joy; it never felt like work.  In fact, I always anticipated each session, knowing that so much would be accomplished.  I think part of that was due to your lighthearted nature coupled with your attention to detail and professional support.  Thank you Andrea!  ~ Joan D.


Contacting you last year was one of the best things I’ve ever done!  Thanks so much for your help.  ~ Cindy P.

Andrea empathized with me while helping me assess and identify areas in my life and home needing re-organizing/clearing. She has had great ideas and creates affordable ways to make my life easier. She holds me accountable for accomplishing my goals and is very supportive. What a godsend! I would never have gotten myself together without her assistance.”  ~ Michele C.


We love the job you did on our mud room.  My husband says having you come in was “a stroke of genius,” and the best of the home improvement projects we did last year.  I agree!  ~  Megan R.

Andrea does a great job helping you break down what seems like a tremendously overwhelming project. She asks good questions to help you prioritize, which makes organizing more doable.  ~ Lisa S.


I moved in 14 years ago and my front hall closet has always been a source of aggravation.  The project that seemed so daunting to me was no match for Andrea’s vision.  In short order, she diagnosed my problems, offered a solution, measured and ordered the supplies.  I never should have waited so long to bring my closet beast under control!  I can find everything quickly and even have TWO shelves that remain unfilled.  Thanks Andrea!  ~ Maureen J.

I highly recommend Andrea Sharb as a speaker/retreat leader/workshop facilitator.  She recently led a retreat on gratitude for our organization.  We have a retreat annually, and many of the women have participated before; I had quite a few tell me this retreat was the best one ever!  Andrea was well-prepared; her material was extremely appropriate for the occasion and the audience, and she created a good mix of large-group lecture time and small-group discussion and activity time.  The entire experience was worthwhile. ~ Kelly B.

 Recently Andrea worked with me, organizing and removing excess belongings from my house, especially the garage and the basement. It was an emotional, but ultimately, very rewarding process. My home is much less cluttered than before and all of those excess items have now been sold at auction. I could never have done it by myself. Andrea made all the difference and I thank her so much.  ~  Janet G.


Thanks for the great service, Andrea!  I love my new closet, and it’s actually staying organized! I had a great time organizing with you – who knew it could be so much fun!   ~  Jennifer G.    

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