S.O.S. provides services for women who ~

  •  are creative, intelligent and overwhelmed 
  • struggle with managing their time demands, their paperwork and their lives (many are chronically disorganized )  
  • are diagnosed with ADHD or suspect they might have ADHD
  • struggle with procrastination and/or finishing what they start
  • have tried to overcome their overwhelm on their own, but haven’t been successful
  • are willing to partner and are ready to take action

Past clients have included artists, teachers, professors, musicians, writers, coaches, therapists, adult students, doctors, attorneys, sales reps, entrepreneurs and young professionals.

Services Include ~

  • Time Demand Coaching ~ Supporting you in becoming better at managing demands on your time and increasing productivity 
  • Adult ADHD Coaching ~ Supporting you, the woman with ADHD, in creating a life that fits
  • Mid-Life Minimizing ~ Supporting you in the process of minimizing / downsizing your household in mid-life to creating more space for what really matters to you
  • Virtual Professional Organizing ~ Helping you organize your paper, your stuff & your space via Skype or FaceTime
  • Public Speaking ~ Presentations available on a variety of topics  

No Matter Which Services You Choose, You Can Expect ~

  • Experience, professionalism and complete confidentiality
  • Adherence to Codes of Ethics of the BCPO, ICF, ICD and NAPO   
  • Andrea to partner with you compassionately and non-judgmentally
  • Sessions that will empower you to create change and realize your potential
  • To learn skills you need to improve your management of time demands, increase your productivity, gain control over your space and most importantly remain organized after we finish our work together

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