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Favorite iPad Productivity Apps – Part II: Toodledo

Today’s app is so much more than just an iPad app.  Instead it is a cloud app, available to me on whatever internet accessible computer I am using, on my iPhone, and on my iPad.  The app is called Toodledo.  Per the Toodledo website: “Toodledo is a three syllable word pronounced “two-dull-due” or more technically […]

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Favorite iPad Productivity Apps – Part I: Penultimate

I am a huge fan of iPad.  I’ve carried mine with me everywhere for almost two years and when people ask me if I like using it, my response is, “I don’t like it, I live it.”  While that might sound a little exaggerated, it really is true because it has become key to my […]

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Valuing Donations at Tax Time

2011 has come and gone, but the filing of 2011 taxes remains.  As a former CPA,  I really don’t mind filing my taxes, especially because my CPA brother-in-law takes care of the filing and all I have to do is gather the information for him. What I do mind is valuing the donations of goods […]

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