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An Awesome Opportunity if You or Someone You Love Hoards

  Fellow Organizer Vickie Dellaquila recently shared with me that the OCD foundation of Western PA will be sponsoring an event called Understanding and Treating Hoarding on May 18 in Pittsburgh, PA.  Speakers at the event will include hoarding expert Dr. Randy Frost, Dr. Robert Hudack, and Vickie Dellaquila.  Per the website promoting the event: “Dr. […]

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My Favorite Things…Leopard Print File Bench

Every once in a while I like to share a favorite with you, be it an organizing product or something that makes life simpler.  Today I want to share my Leopard Print File Bench, which makes organizing my files simpler and my living room more fun and functional! My office is in the living room […]

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The EASY™ Way to Get that Garage Organized This Weekend

It’s April here in North Eastern Ohio and after a couple of false starts with 80 degree days in March, it looks like spring is finally here for good. If you’re like me, you’ve been walking through the garage for the past couple of months with blinders on, trying not to notice the mess that […]

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Simplifying Your Life by Patronizing Local Businesses

I took the morning off to take my car to the dealership for its 25,000 mile service, which I assumed was oil related as there was an “oil maintenance required” light flashing on my dash.  Having driven the 20+ miles to the dealership, I was miffed to learn the service was not oil related at […]

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My Favorite Things: Five Favorite Organizing Books

I’ve read a lot of books about organizing and related topics over the years and am often asked to recommend books I have found especially helpful or insightful, so I thought I would share my five favorite organizing related books with you. These books are listed in no particular order and I have given a […]

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April is Computer Recycling Month in Cuyahoga County

The following information is from Cuyahoga County’s Solid Waste District website.  Please check out the site for more details and a list of participating cities and their collection dates. The Cuyahoga County Solid Waste Management District is sponsoring Recycle Your Computer Month during the months of April and August.  Residents can recycle unwanted home computer equipment at […]

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Organizing the Desk: Back to Ready – Part 2

Last time I shared my cluttered desk with you, along with the reasons it ended up being so cluttered.  Today I want to share the steps for getting it back to ready.  These aren’t the only possible steps that might help someone get their desk back to ready, but they are the steps I used […]

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Back to Ready – What it Means to be Organized – Part 1

Marilyn Paul introduced me to the concept of “getting to ready” in her book, It’s Hard to Make a Difference When you Can’t Find Your Keys. In her book, she describes being organized as: “a dynamic between a state of readiness for action and taking action. It is the rhythm of taking action, creating the […]

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Favorite iPad Productivity Apps – Part III: iThoughts HD

Like many folks with ADHD, my thought process tends to be more relational than linear in nature.  A colleague of mine calls those of us who think relationally Global Creatives.  This is a blessing and somewhat of a curse: a blessing in that I am brimming with ideas on all sorts of topics, a curse […]

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