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Overcoming Holiday Overwhelm: Editing the Holiday Activities

Today I’d like to focus on editing your holiday activities. I used to measure the success of my holidays by how full my calendar was. The above image is from a holiday journal from about 10 years when my kids were younger.   Cookie exchanges, white elephant gift exchanges and neighborhood gatherings filled the blocks […]

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Overcoming Holiday Overwhelm: Editing the Holiday Gift Giving

Today we will focus on Editing your gift giving. One facet of my life that has changed significantly since becoming a professional organizer is how many gifts I give. I spend many hours each week working with people who have accumulated way too many things. Two categories if things that pop up at house after […]

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Overcoming Holiday Overwhelm: Editing the Holiday Meals

Here we are back for day three of my edit your holidays series, where we’ll discuss editing your holiday meals. In our home the holidays have always been about food. Up until a few years ago, it was typical for our small gathering of 8-10 people to sit down to a meal that would have easily […]

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Overcoming Holiday Overwhelm: Editing the Holiday Decorations

Welcome back for day two of Editing Your Holidays. Today we’ll discuss editing the decorations. When I was first married I loved decorating for the holidays, probably because I didn’t have that many decorations. As timed marched on though and our family and house grew, the number of decorations grew too. This has resulted in […]

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Overcoming Holiday Overwhelm: Editing Your Holidays – Five Ways in Five Days

It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving and the holiday rush is ON!  Thanksgiving falling earlier on the calendar has given us more time to prepare for the holidays this year and more opportunity to squeeze in more this holiday season, or maybe not… Allow me to backtrack – a little over a week ago I put […]

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Gratitude Journals: A Portal to the Positive

There are a lot of pessimistic people in this world.  I know, I used to be one of them.  Ok, I wasn’t pessimistic all of the time, but when confronted with a challenge, I found my mind would typically focus on the negative.  Or when I had a bad day, I would lie in bed […]

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Body Doubling: An Important Tool for Getting Stuff Done

I’ve shared with you before that the area where I struggle most with organization is my desk.  In particular, I’ve talked about  using desk dumps to bring my desk back to ready.  I had most of last Friday off and my plan was to spend at least part of the morning clearing my desk and preparing […]

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A Moment of Mindfulness: Tracing a Labyrinth

I am making a commitment to mindfulness in my life.  For me, this means I am doing my best to spend more time being present, in the moment, concentrating on single tasking, as opposed to multitasking.  Mindfulness is challenging for anyone, but especiallly those of us with ADHD. Studies are showing that mindfulness can benefit those […]

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