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Five Rules for Living Well with ADHD

I presented at a local CHADD meeting a number of months ago on the topic: “Stump the Organizer”, which translates as, “Participants,  bring your best organizing questions and we’ll try to solve them together.”  I’ve learned over the years that those of us with ADHD often share many of the same organizing challenges and we can […]

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Bringing Fun & Creativity to Change

I’ve been reminded a couple of times recently about the importance of bringing fun and creativity into addressing one’s challenges. The first was by a coaching student in a class I serve as an assistant trainer for, the second was with one of my artistic clients, and the third occurred as part of a coaching […]

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Staging Your Home: Communicating with Potential Buyers

I don’t really do that much staging work anymore as my interests have shifted to coaching others, especially my fellow ADHDers, around overcoming their overwhelm.  I do have a couple of clients who are putting their houses on the market in the next month or two though, so this post is dedicated to them. Six […]

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What It’s Like to Be Coached by Me…

“Describe what it’s like to be coached by you.”  There is a piece of paper pinned to my vision board with these words written on it.  It is something that my eyes fall upon every time I sit at my desk.  In coaching, asking clients to consider what something is “like” invites them to think […]

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Books, Books & More Books! Organizing Your Reading List

My reading list had taken on a life, or should I say lives of its own. The list that at one time was neatly maintained in Notes on my iPhone had spilled over into Toodledo,  a couple of visual reminder piles beside my bed and reading chair, and a number of newly downloaded books sitting […]

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