Quick & EASY™ Closet Organization

Spring has sprung and summer isn’t far off.  Instead of just changing out the cold weather clothes for more summery options, consider doing an EASY™ closet reorganization. Here’s how:

o  First, Empty the closet of everything. Put everything that doesn’t belong in your closet in a box, and put these things where they belong later.

o  Next, Arrange all the items you’ve removed that will be staying in the closet into categories: Keep, Donate, Repair, and Dispose.  Pack up the donations and put them in your car so you can donate them the next time you run errands.  Arrange to get the items repaired by a certain date. Get the dispose items into the trash right away.

Storage: Determine how to store your items in the closet: Will they be folded and placed on shelves, will they be stored in containers or will they be hung up?  Only once you have identified what will be stored in the closet and how it will be stored should you buy any storage products.

You’re almost done – the last step is to group your clothes in your closet using whatever system makes the most sense to you.  Some people group clothing by style, while others group clothing by color and still others group by the occasion when the clothing will be worn.  There is no right or wrong answer here.

One final note,  if you happen to have ADHD or get easily distracted during projects such as this, consider bringing in a body double or professional organizer to assist you and support you in completing the job.


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