About S.O.S.

I’m Andrea Sharb and it’s my mission to help you overcome your overwhelm. 

How often are you overcome by overwhelm?  Weekly?  Daily?  Hourly? 

What would your life be like if you could overcome your overwhelm?

What would happen to your stress level?

What would happen to your productivity level?

What would change for you day-to-day?


Who I Partner with ~

I partner with women who:

  • are creative, intelligent and overwhelmed
  • struggle with managing their time demands, their paperwork and their lives (many are chronically disorganized )
  • have ADHD and are tired of having their ADHD hold them back
  • struggle with procrastination and/or finishing what they start
  • have tried to overcome their overwhelm on their own, but haven’t been successful
  • are willing to partner and are ready to take action

I also partner with women interested in minimizing their stuff, their space and their commitments through exploration of minimalism and essentialism.

Over the past ten years I’ve partnered with artists, teachers, professors, coaches, therapists, adult students, doctors, attorneys, sales reps, entrepreneurs and young professionals.  Click here to contact me so we can discuss how I could partner with you.


How I Partner with Women ~

Everyone’s overwhelm is different and stems from different challenges:

  • Maybe you have too many commitments and feel like you’re treading water,
  • Maybe you have too much stuff and feel like it’s a weight around your neck,
  • Maybe your life is right-sized but you have a lot of trouble starting and/or finishing projects.

Whatever your source of overwhelm, we’ll start the process of overcoming it by learning more about you: your core values and your inherent strengths and how they can support you in creating change.  We’ll next get clear on exactly where you’re at and where you’re trying to get to.  With this information in hand, we’ll focus on creating a plan designed to get you there.  Our work together will then support you in working that plan and moving forward.

If you have ADHD, we’ll help you better understand your ADHD and how it’s impacting you.  We’ll also create a customized owner’s manual to support you in dealing with your ADHD related challenges going forward. 

Whatever your challenge, it’s my goal to empower you to lead the less overwhelming life you’re seeking.  

I am uniquely equipped to partner with my clients and understand many of their challenges, because of the many challenges I’ve overcome over the years:

  • having too many commitments and too much stuff,
  • numerous cross-country and across town moves,
  • downsizing /minimizing,
  • surviving major home renovations (including three kitchen remodels and a whole house renovation),
  • running an active household and a small business, and
  • dealing with the overwhelm that accompanies ADHD.

Professional organizers and coaches aren’t perfect people.  You can tell from the above list we face many of the same challenges our clients face and our homes and lives get out of control at times.   We’re just able to bring things back to order more readily because of systems we’ve put in place, techniques we’ve learned over the years and most importantly what we’ve learned about ourselves.  Click here if you’d like to discuss how I can help you overcome your overwhelm.


Services ~

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Background, Credentials and Training ~

Prior to my current career I was a CPA and Audit Manager for the international accounting firm, KPMG.  At KPMG I trained as a national instructor and taught continuing education courses to other accountants.  Though I was a CPA, I found what I enjoyed most was organizing and managing my engagements and teaching others.

I was on the fast track until I had twins in 1994 and ended up on the mommy track instead.  After spending 12 years raising my children and volunteering for and organizing events for numerous non-profit organizations, a friend encouraged me to explore a career in professional organizing.  Since beginning my professional organizing business in 2006 I have amassed hundreds of hours of education in areas of service beneficial to my clients: real estate staging, chronic disorganization, hoarding, life coaching, somatic coaching and ADHD coaching.

  • I am credentialed as a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization® (CPO-CD)®, an Associate Certified Coach® (ACC®), a Certified Organizer Coach® (COC®), and a Certified Professional Organizer® (CPO®).
  • I earned my CPO-CD credential from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization upon completion of 18 months of intensive training with a mentor coach and passing of a peer-reviewed oral exam.
  • I received my accreditation as a COC through the Institute for Applied Coaching in 2009 and my credential as an ACC from the International Coach Federation in 2012.   These credentials required accumulation of over 100 hours of coaching experience, working with a mentor coach, and over 60 hours of coaching training.
  • A CPO is a professional organizer who has proven through testing, and accumulation of client service and education hours, that she meets the minimum requirements set by the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers.
  • My credentialing in the fields of Professional Organizing and Coaching means you can be sure of my commitment to these professions and my competence as both a professional organizer and a coach.


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