ADHD Coaching: What coaching around a particular topic might look like…

One of the challenges of ADHD is that an ADHD brain is capable of coming up with an unbelievable number of ideas.  Some might say it’s a virtual idea factory.  In addition, the ADHD brain can be energized by all that is new, shiny and interesting.  Generating a plethora of ideas AND being energized by their shininess is a recipe for a multitude of incomplete projects, as once the shininess wears off, an ADHDer tends to lose interest.

I see how this manifests itself in the lives of so many of my ADHD clients : too many projects, too many commitments, boredom with projects that once seemed exciting, and a feeling they’re really not accomplishing what they’re capable of.

One area of my life where my ADHD shows up in this way  is the writing of this blog.  My goal is to post to my blog twice per week.  This shouldn’t be a big deal because I have lots of ideas for blog postings.  In fact, in writing this posting, I had ideas for two more posts and have started drafts of each of them.  My challenge is in completing postings.

In this blog entry my goal is to approach this challenge in the way I might with one of my ADHD coaching clients, (establishing a goal, developing awareness around the challenge in meeting that goal & identifying ways to engage to reach the goal), to give you a broad overview of how ADHD coaching can work.

My goal, as stated earlier is to post to my blog twice a week.  My next step in the process was to develop awareness around what was challenging me.   I luckily already had some awareness around what was getting in my way of completing this task, namely too many ideas that were not being carried beyond the draft stage and not enough completion because of  lost momentum.

My next step was to find a means of engaging around this task, which could have looked like setting aside a specific time each day to write or contracting with myself to create for a certain number of minutes each day.  I know from living with myself all of these years though that creating agreements with me doesn’t always work as well I would hope, so I knew accountability around this was key.

I was thrilled when my friend Loy recently asked me to be a part of a writing group she was creating.  What a perfect opportunity!    We decided to structure this group so we could each request of the others what we most needed.  For one author it might be support around plot development.  Another author may be looking for feedback on a chapter they feel is boring.  For me, I am currently only looking for support in getting a posting finished!

This post is getting done today because of a commitment I made to my writing group to finish a post in my draft queue.  Interestingly enough, instead of completing a post in my queue as agreed, I realized this would be an awesome opportunity to write on the coaching process and this blog posting was born.

I know, that just as in coaching, my writing group is not going to flog me for doing something a little different than I committed to.  I know these women will instead celebrate this completion with me.  I will encourage them though to help me explore what got in the way of completing the task I designed, which I sense has a lot to do with the sheer volume and lack of organization of my draft posts folder (Yes, as I’ve said before, organizers struggle with disorganization in areas of their lives too!). This exploration will help me create new awareness that I will then use as I continue to work towards my goal of two posts per week.

One of the most important parts of coaching is identifying the learning that has occurred.  In this particular process, I was reminded of the power of external accountability. It’s historically been a strong motivator for me and this posting is proof that it continues to be.  This process also allowed me to raise awareness around what was getting in the way of creating postings and will most likely result in me creating a new system for managing draft postings, which I expect will result in my engaging this writing process in a whole new way and actually completing the postings I know I am capable of.



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