ADHD Impact Tool: Where Might Coaching Benefit You Most?

Use this tool to help you gauge how your ADHD is impacting you.  Print this page and rate the following items from 1 to 5 to reflect your level of satisfaction with each life area and/or life skill.  Note next to each item one change you would like to make to bring it closer to a “5”.  If you’re not comfortable with the numbers you’re seeing contact me and we can discuss how coaching might benefit you.

1: Not Satisfied at All    3: Good Enough    5:Completely Satisfied

____  managing your time / time demands

____   space organization

____   task initiation

____   transitions (shifting gears from one task to another)

____   establishing priorities

____   making decisions

____   ability to meet goals

____   consistency

____   focus

____   memory

____   impulsivity

____   communication

____   relationships

____   emotional control

____   mood control

____   career

____   education

____   financial

____   information about my ADHD or other brain based challenges

____   treatment issues

____   supportive family and friends