An Awesome Opportunity if You or Someone You Love Hoards


Fellow Organizer Vickie Dellaquila recently shared with me that the OCD foundation of Western PA will be sponsoring an event called Understanding and Treating Hoarding on May 18 in Pittsburgh, PA.  Speakers at the event will include hoarding expert Dr. Randy Frost, Dr. Robert Hudack, and Vickie Dellaquila.  Per the website promoting the event:

Dr. Frost has conducted extensive research in the field of Hoarding Disorder as well as treating numerous individuals struggling to regain control of their lives. His expertise in this field is widely recognized. Dr. Hudak has extensive experience in treating Hoarding Disorder and is recognized nationally for his knowledge on medication for OCD and OC Spectrum Disorders. Vickie Dellaquila works with clients in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area to help them regain some order in their lives and speaks extensively about the role of professional organizers for Hoarding Disorder.”

This event is intended for mental health professionals, graduate students in relevant programs, as well as people diagnosed with hoarding disorder and their families/friends.  For more information and to register for the event click on the following link:


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