Before You Buy the Containers…

I just took this picture of the unbelievable stacks of containers at Target.  They were right inside the entrance and people were snapping them up like their lives depended upon them.  As an organizer I hoped that they already knew what they planned to store in them and where the containers themselves were going to be stored.  I sort of doubt it though.

So often I go into a client’s home and there are stacks of containers that went unused because the items the client had hoped to store in them didn’t fit in the containers, or the containers didn’t fit on the shelves, in the closet, etc.

Before purchasing any storage devices, know exactly what you plan to store and where you will be storing it.  Next, measure the volume of items and the space the container will be stored in and buy the container that fits both measurements.  A little bit of extra work will result in storage that’s just right.


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