Before & After – Hangers

  I recently did a spot on closet organizing on WKYC’s Channel 3 News Today.  One of the points I made was that so many people think they need a complete closet overhaul, including an expensive closet organizing system, in order to have an “organized closet.”  Before calling the closet organizing company try new hangers […]

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Before you UNdecorate…

Many people will be putting away their holiday decorations this weekend.  Before you do though, I would encourage you to go around your house and take photos of the decorative displays that you were particularly fond of and might want to recreate next year.  Store these photos in a file called holiday decorating and next […]

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Before You Buy the Containers…

I just took this picture of the unbelievable stacks of containers at Target.  They were right inside the entrance and people were snapping them up like their lives depended upon them.  As an organizer I hoped that they already knew what they planned to store in them and where the containers themselves were going to […]

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Getting Into the Game

I especially appreciated this recent posting by business coach and Dream Partner Cataylst, Patty Sadallah (  Thank you Patty for allowing me to respost your message here: “Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on one’s […]

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Recycling Holiday Lights

I took the day off to get my holiday decorating started.  First task was to put up the outside lights.  I’ve learned over the years to test all the strands of lights inside before I venture into the cold.  So glad that I took the time to do this because apparently half of my lights […]

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What Coaching Can Do…

Just wanted to share a comment I received from a client.  It nicely demonstrates the power of coaching: “Two days in a row of success! (Getting to work early, at the time I want to be there.) Awesome. This is great. You are supporting me in concrete, real life experimentation. Instead of my preferred abstract method of […]

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Simplifying Thanksgiving

I love this photo of my family at Thanksgiving a number of years ago.  The meal was delicious and the atmosphere was relaxed.  I wasn’t working at this time though and had plenty of time to plan for and prepare the meal.  Not the case anymore.  Therefore my mom and I agreed to simplify Thanksgiving […]

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An interesting twist on yesterday’s theme of living with less

Tired of paying extra fees for your luggage when you travel? Rolf Potts is a travel writer who is currently half way through a six week trip around the world.  So what, you say.  Well, Rolf is making his trip without any luggage.  He has only the clothes on his back and a few items, […]

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Why some people don’t have clutter…

As a professional organizer I help people reduce the clutter in their lives.  An acquaintance of mine Narda, recently shared an interesting story with me about why she no longer has room in her life for clutter. Many years ago, when Narda was building a home, she stored boxes of personal belongings and memorabilia in […]

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What to do when you lose your calendar…a true story

At 1:30PM today while attempting to install a new snycing application I lost ALL versions of my electronic calendar:  desktop, online, laptop, ipad and iphone.  Because of a recent back-up issue I had experienced, again relating to the install of the same above mentioned syncing application, I didn’t even have a recent back up of […]

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Coaching a Client to Curb Overshopping & Cluttering

In 2009, I reviewed a book called, I Shop Therefore I Am, compiled by April Lane Benson, PhD for the Chronical newsletter published by the National Study Group for Chronic Disorganization.  Because I greatly appreciated that book, I was anxious to read and review Benson’s latest book, To Buy Or Not To Buy, an “interactive […]

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The Ins & Outs of Recycling Plastic Bags

I’ve been working with a significant number of clients with hoarding tendencies lately.  One of the items that I find the most of in these homes is plastic bags.  The above photo represents only a portion of the literally hundreds upon hundreds of bags that I’ve collected from these client engagements in the past couple […]

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My Favorite Things: Family Calendar

I love this calendar and just had to share it with you all.  This incredible family calendar hangs in the kitchen hallway of a friend’s house.  It is a whopping 7+ feet x 7+ feet and is so large that appointments can’t help but be noticed by the family. It was purchased at Pottery Barn […]

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Hoarding & Organizing Go Mainstream

  Did you happen to read Speed Bump by Dave Coverly yesterday?  The above cartoon, reprinted with Dave Coverly’s permission ( wouldn’t have made much sense to anyone five or possibly even two or three years ago. Until more recently no one outside the world of professional organizers, mental health professionals and family members of […]

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The Power of White Space

A coaching client of mine recently suffered some major stressful events in her life and shared the following with me in an email:   “Through it all I have (mostly) kept my cool and felt pretty good, at least until I got really sleep deprived. I credit this relative stability to working through the magical […]

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My Favorite Things: My All Time Favorite Organizing Tool …Chisel Tip Sharpie

As a professional organizer, people will often ask me about my favorite organizing product, assuming it’s some kind of label maker on steroids or some other type of organizing gadget. Imagine their surprise when I tell them it is a chisel tip Sharpie Marker. Yes, the humble Sharpie Marker, albeit on steroids given its chisel […]

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More Attention, Less Deficit: A Great Reference Book if You Have ADHD or Know Someone Who Does

A Review of More Attention, Less Deficit  Success Strategies for Adults with ADHD by Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA The author kindly forwarded this book to me for review in April 2009.  As of today I still haven’t finished it. I usually don’t have the attention span to sit and read a book for long periods […]

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