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You’ve Gotta Protect Your Planning Time!

I’m reading an interesting book called Fast Minds, by Craig Surman, MD & Tim Bilkey, MD.  It’s a self-help book for folks with ADHD or who think they may have ADHD.  This morning I came across a couple of sentences I want to share with you. “ We want to reiterate here that we feel […]

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Shifting Perspectives to Create Space

This is the bookshelf in my office.  Over the years, I’ve accumulated lots of books on myriad topics such as Home Staging, Feng Shui, Psychology, Hoarding, Coaching, ADHD and surprise, Organizing. The top four shelves house reference materials while the bottom shelf holds reference materials and project materials. Over the years I’ve become more selective […]

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Register for the 6th Annual Virtual AD/HD Conference!

The 6th Annual Virtual AD/HD Conference is coming up!  Last year over 500 attendees gathered at the Virtual AD/HD Conference to learn from the world’s leading experts on the topic of AD/HD.  This year’s conference will be held October 7-10 in the comfort of your own home or office. Sound Interesting?  Well, here are 5 […]

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Best Practices: What they are and how they can help…

I just spent the past few minutes reviewing my best practices.  I actually have a “best practice” of reviewing my best practices each morning before I get out of bed.  I find that it helps center and ground me by reminding me of what’s most important for a good day. What exactly is a best […]

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My Favorite Things: FOFA (Ever Lose Your Keys?)

Have you ever lost your keys?  What about your wallet?  Most people would respond yes to these questions.  If you have ADHD your answer is most likely a resounding “YES!”  ADHDers are much more likely to lose things, such as keys and wallets because challenges we have with working memory and being easily distracted. There […]

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Mindfulness – A Powerful Tool for Dealing with ADHD

I’ve written previously about what a positive effect the introduction of mindfulness into my life has been. I recently finished the iBooks version of the The Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD: An 8-Step Program for Strengthening Attention, Managing Emotions, and Achieving Your Goals, by Dr.Lidia Zylowska a board-certified psychiatrist who specializes in adult psychiatry, mindfulness-based therapy […]

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Five Rules for Living Well with ADHD

I presented at a local CHADD meeting a number of months ago on the topic: “Stump the Organizer”, which translates as, “Participants,  bring your best organizing questions and we’ll try to solve them together.”  I’ve learned over the years that those of us with ADHD often share many of the same organizing challenges and we can […]

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What It’s Like to Be Coached by Me…

“Describe what it’s like to be coached by you.”  There is a piece of paper pinned to my vision board with these words written on it.  It is something that my eyes fall upon every time I sit at my desk.  In coaching, asking clients to consider what something is “like” invites them to think […]

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Books, Books & More Books! Organizing Your Reading List

My reading list had taken on a life, or should I say lives of its own. The list that at one time was neatly maintained in Notes on my iPhone had spilled over into Toodledo,  a couple of visual reminder piles beside my bed and reading chair, and a number of newly downloaded books sitting […]

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Gratitude Journals: A Portal to the Positive

There are a lot of pessimistic people in this world.  I know, I used to be one of them.  Ok, I wasn’t pessimistic all of the time, but when confronted with a challenge, I found my mind would typically focus on the negative.  Or when I had a bad day, I would lie in bed […]

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Body Doubling: An Important Tool for Getting Stuff Done

I’ve shared with you before that the area where I struggle most with organization is my desk.  In particular, I’ve talked about  using desk dumps to bring my desk back to ready.  I had most of last Friday off and my plan was to spend at least part of the morning clearing my desk and preparing […]

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A Moment of Mindfulness: Tracing a Labyrinth

I am making a commitment to mindfulness in my life.  For me, this means I am doing my best to spend more time being present, in the moment, concentrating on single tasking, as opposed to multitasking.  Mindfulness is challenging for anyone, but especiallly those of us with ADHD. Studies are showing that mindfulness can benefit those […]

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Have AD/HD or Know Someone Who Does? Check Out ADDA’s 5th Annual Virtual ADHD Conference

If you or anyone you know or love has ADHD, you have probably already learned that knowledge is power when it comes to dealing with ADHD.  A great way to increase your knowledge is right around the corner, the 5th Annual Virtual AD/HD conference, sponsored by ADDA, the Attention Deficit Disorder Association.  This virtual conference […]

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Coaching: Grateful for the Opportunity to Witness…

I keep a gratitude journal and at some point I plan on writing about what a powerful influence it has been in my life.  Today though I want to discuss something I was grateful for in yesterday’s entry: “I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as witness to the amazing changes my clients are […]

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ADHD Coaching: What coaching around a particular topic might look like…

One of the challenges of ADHD is that an ADHD brain is capable of coming up with an unbelievable number of ideas.  Some might say it’s a virtual idea factory.  In addition, the ADHD brain can be energized by all that is new, shiny and interesting.  Generating a plethora of ideas AND being energized by […]

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Favorite iPad Productivity Apps – Part III: iThoughts HD

Like many folks with ADHD, my thought process tends to be more relational than linear in nature.  A colleague of mine calls those of us who think relationally Global Creatives.  This is a blessing and somewhat of a curse: a blessing in that I am brimming with ideas on all sorts of topics, a curse […]

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More Attention, Less Deficit: A Great Reference Book if You Have ADHD or Know Someone Who Does

A Review of More Attention, Less Deficit  Success Strategies for Adults with ADHD by Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA The author kindly forwarded this book to me for review in April 2009.  As of today I still haven’t finished it. I usually don’t have the attention span to sit and read a book for long periods […]

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