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Organizing the Desk: Back to Ready – Part 2

Last time I shared my cluttered desk with you, along with the reasons it ended up being so cluttered.  Today I want to share the steps for getting it back to ready.  These aren’t the only possible steps that might help someone get their desk back to ready, but they are the steps I used […]

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Back to Ready – What it Means to be Organized – Part 1

Marilyn Paul introduced me to the concept of “getting to ready” in her book, It’s Hard to Make a Difference When you Can’t Find Your Keys. In her book, she describes being organized as: “a dynamic between a state of readiness for action and taking action. It is the rhythm of taking action, creating the […]

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Laundry Room Closet ReDo

One thing really I wanted when we moved last was a laundry room on the second floor with plenty of space for processing laundry.  I had moved the laundry room to the second floor master bathroom of our last home and loved that our clothing never left the second floor, which meant no more toting […]

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A Virtual Organizing Project

I’ve been doing quite a bit of virtual organizing these days.  My best friend called recently and asked me for some advice on organizing her pantry.  Instead of advice, I convinced her to join me on skype and we worked through the project together.  We developed the plan for the space together and broke it […]

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Before & After – Hangers

  I recently did a spot on closet organizing on WKYC’s Channel 3 News Today.  One of the points I made was that so many people think they need a complete closet overhaul, including an expensive closet organizing system, in order to have an “organized closet.”  Before calling the closet organizing company try new hangers […]

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Before & After – Closet

This master closet was serving too many functions and was therefore cluttered, resulting in the homeowners having trouble finding things.                                 Reducing the number of clothes and grouping them by type on new hangars, as well as moving medicines to […]

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Before & After – Mudroom

In the photo on the left, this back hallway was serving as a mudroom, but it was overflowing with coats, shoes and school supplies. In the photo on the right, a system had been designed that provided adequate storage for the coats, shoes & boots.  Off season storage for snow pants and other winter clothing […]

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