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My Favorite Things: The ULTIMATE Water Bottle

Just a super quick post today to share my newest favorite product that has made my life simpler, greener and less expensive. That product is a unique 18 oz water bottle by Aladdin.  What makes this water bottle so unique is how easily it can be thoroughly cleaned.  Because of its clever design, that allows […]

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Tracking Donations for Tax Purposes

My preferred way for disposing of stuff that’s too good to throw away, such as the items in the above photo, is to pass it on to friends or family, or to donate it to charity. Yes, I could possibly sell this stuff, but selling it means I first need to identify a place to […]

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My Favorite Things: Elfa Gift Wrapping Station

Favorite things aren’t always new.  This Elfa station has been one of my favorite things for many years.  I was reminded of it earlier today when drafting another post.  It’s a favorite because it allows me to easily gather all of my wrapping supplies in one location, which in this case is the guest room […]

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Simplifying Your Life by Patronizing Local Businesses

I took the morning off to take my car to the dealership for its 25,000 mile service, which I assumed was oil related as there was an “oil maintenance required” light flashing on my dash.  Having driven the 20+ miles to the dealership, I was miffed to learn the service was not oil related at […]

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Valuing Donations at Tax Time

2011 has come and gone, but the filing of 2011 taxes remains.  As a former CPA,  I really don’t mind filing my taxes, especially because my CPA brother-in-law takes care of the filing and all I have to do is gather the information for him. What I do mind is valuing the donations of goods […]

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