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Getting Organized? Find the Right Support Using ICD

Is your goal to get organized in 2014?  I can’t think of a better place to begin the search for support than the website of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD).  Information available to you there includes: Audio recordings on such topics as: Understanding Chronic Disorganization, Introduction to ADHD & Procrastination, and Understanding the Clutter-Hoarding Scale. […]

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Introducing the Catalyst for Change Experience™

Over the years, many of you have commented to me that you’d love to take part in a group coaching experience, where you can connect with other adults diagnosed with ADHD or who wonder if they might have ADHD.  Those comments have not gone unnoticed and thanks to a number of you willing to connect with me […]

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My Best Tip for ADHD: Best Practices

Not long ago I was featured as a guest ADHD expert on Ellen Delap’s blog.  It was an honor to appear and Ellen asked some fantastic questions, one of which was “What is your best tip for ADHD?”  My response… When you learn something that works for you, it’s important to find a way to […]

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My Favorite Things: The ULTIMATE Water Bottle

Just a super quick post today to share my newest favorite product that has made my life simpler, greener and less expensive. That product is a unique 18 oz water bottle by Aladdin.  What makes this water bottle so unique is how easily it can be thoroughly cleaned.  Because of its clever design, that allows […]

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Refeathering NOT Empty Nesting

We dropped off our twins off at college this week.  For the first time since September of 1994 there are no children living in our house.  My husband and I have had countless people comment to us over the past few weeks about how we would soon be empty nesters.  The more I hear the […]

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Cleveland Indians Loss Provides Opportunity to Cultivate Gratitude

A while back I wrote about the practice of keeping a gratitude journal.  In it I mentioned that before actively practicing gratitude I would lie in bed after a bad day and ruminate on what went wrong and worry about everything else that might go wrong as a result. Before integrating the regular practice of […]

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Register for the 6th Annual Virtual AD/HD Conference!

The 6th Annual Virtual AD/HD Conference is coming up!  Last year over 500 attendees gathered at the Virtual AD/HD Conference to learn from the world’s leading experts on the topic of AD/HD.  This year’s conference will be held October 7-10 in the comfort of your own home or office. Sound Interesting?  Well, here are 5 […]

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My Favorite Things: Over Rod “S” Hooks

If you’re a regular reader you know that every once in a while I like to share products that have positively impacted my life.  The interDesign® “S” Hook is one of those products. My sister first introduced me to them years ago when she utilized them extensively in her mud room.  Since that time I […]

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Best Practices: What they are and how they can help…

I just spent the past few minutes reviewing my best practices.  I actually have a “best practice” of reviewing my best practices each morning before I get out of bed.  I find that it helps center and ground me by reminding me of what’s most important for a good day. What exactly is a best […]

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My Favorite Things: What You Need to Know…

A few years ago, my father gave me a gift that continues to keep giving. It is a one page document containing information I would need to know to settle his and my mother’s affairs should something happen to them.  Information so important that we keep this document in our safety deposit box.  Since that […]

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My Favorite Things: Seth Godin’s Health Summary

Not long ago, Seth Godin, blogged about “The simple form that could save your life“.  That form was a template on which you could summarize your medical history and in turn provide your health care providers with complete information on your health. My first thought was how useful such a Health Summary would be for […]

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