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Greener Resources for Disposing What You’re Releasing

This is a big month for releasing!  I’m playing the #MinsGame with a number of you this month.  I’m also helping a couple of clients work to keep as many of their discards as possible out of the landfill.  I’ve written about some greener disposal options previously, and today I want to share a few of my […]

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Reducing Clutter? Recycling Made Easy!

I was speaking to a new client recently who is ready to start the decluttering process in her home, but a little anxious about how to best dispose of the clutter.  I’m guessing a lot of you might be feeling the same way. So, here are some places to release some of the clutter you […]

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#GivingTuesday: A Great Way to Cut the Clutter this Holiday Season!

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that since becoming a professional organizer I’ve really changed my outlook on gift giving.  It’s astounding to me how many unused and often unopened gifts fill the closets, basements and even entire rooms of individuals I’ve worked with.  The waste can be measured not only in terms of money spent, […]

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My Favorite Things: The ULTIMATE Water Bottle

Just a super quick post today to share my newest favorite product that has made my life simpler, greener and less expensive. That product is a unique 18 oz water bottle by Aladdin.  What makes this water bottle so unique is how easily it can be thoroughly cleaned.  Because of its clever design, that allows […]

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Gimme 5: A Fantastic Alternative for Recycling #5 Plastics

Wondering what to do with those #5 plastics (yogurt containers, plastic take out food containers, prescription pill bottles, etc)?  Maybe you have a curbside recycling program in your area that accepts them, but unfortunately we don’t have that luxury where I live.  Recently though I discovered a program called Gimme 5 (as in #5 plastics) […]

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Considering an iPad? Ten Reasons iPad Makes Sense for Reading

I noticed recently at my book club that I was the only one in the group who chooses to read the monthly selections on a screen (iPad).  When I brought this up, most of my friends commented they feel reading just isn’t the same without real pages to turn.  Other reasons for choosing paper and […]

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Tracking Donations for Tax Purposes

My preferred way for disposing of stuff that’s too good to throw away, such as the items in the above photo, is to pass it on to friends or family, or to donate it to charity. Yes, I could possibly sell this stuff, but selling it means I first need to identify a place to […]

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Opting Out of Phone Books: One Year Later

I opted out of receiving phone books in August of 2011, but I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical at the time that it would actually keep the phone books at bay.  I can happily report today though that a little over a year has passed and I haven’t received a single phone book, […]

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April is Computer Recycling Month in Cuyahoga County

The following information is from Cuyahoga County’s Solid Waste District website.  Please check out the site for more details and a list of participating cities and their collection dates. The Cuyahoga County Solid Waste Management District is sponsoring Recycle Your Computer Month during the months of April and August.  Residents can recycle unwanted home computer equipment at […]

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Opting Out of Phone Books

At this time of year, I am ususally collecting phone books from my clients for recycling and letting everyone else know that phone books can be recycled at various Cleveland Metroparks locations.  This year, I am going one better though, thanks to my sister, who let me know today that I can opt out of […]

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Safe disposal of prescription meds

On April 30, 2011 local law enforcement will be collecting unwanted or expired prescription medications throughout northern Ohio.  Please click on the the above link to learn when and where you can dispose of these medications.

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Recycling Holiday Lights

I took the day off to get my holiday decorating started.  First task was to put up the outside lights.  I’ve learned over the years to test all the strands of lights inside before I venture into the cold.  So glad that I took the time to do this because apparently half of my lights […]

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The Ins & Outs of Recycling Plastic Bags

I’ve been working with a significant number of clients with hoarding tendencies lately.  One of the items that I find the most of in these homes is plastic bags.  The above photo represents only a portion of the literally hundreds upon hundreds of bags that I’ve collected from these client engagements in the past couple […]

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