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Keepsake – A Review of a Book About Hoarding

I just finished the book Keepsake, by Kristina Riggle.   It’s a novel about a woman challenged by her hoarding situation. I’ve worked with a number of hoarding individuals over the years and was interested in how Riggle would portray a woman who hoards and convey her story.  I wasn’t sure at the beginning of the […]

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My Favorite Things: Elfa Gift Wrapping Station

Favorite things aren’t always new.  This Elfa station has been one of my favorite things for many years.  I was reminded of it earlier today when drafting another post.  It’s a favorite because it allows me to easily gather all of my wrapping supplies in one location, which in this case is the guest room […]

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Using Mind Mapping to Pack More Efficiently

I’m a big fan of mind mapping tools.  Mind mapping is a way for relational thinkers such as myself, to build structure around an idea or ideas.  A mind mapping tool, such as iThoughts HD, which I blogged about earlier this year is a great tool for creating a list of things to pack for […]

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Using a Travel Grid: Pack Right, Pack Light!

I recently helped a client pack for a trip.  She had previously felt unprepared for trips, either over packing and lugging a hopelessly heavy suitcase, or under packing and not having what she needed. We did two things to make this trip different. First, we created packing lists – one for items she takes on a […]

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My Favorite Things: Filertek Tabs

Over the years I’ve been forwarded a number of organizing products for my review and comment, few have impressed me though.   I was recently sent a couple of packages of  Filertek Dry Erase Hanging File Tabs.  I have to admit they sat on my desk for awhile before I tried them, but I’m glad […]

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An Awesome Opportunity if You or Someone You Love Hoards

  Fellow Organizer Vickie Dellaquila recently shared with me that the OCD foundation of Western PA will be sponsoring an event called Understanding and Treating Hoarding on May 18 in Pittsburgh, PA.  Speakers at the event will include hoarding expert Dr. Randy Frost, Dr. Robert Hudack, and Vickie Dellaquila.  Per the website promoting the event: “Dr. […]

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The EASY™ Way to Get that Garage Organized This Weekend

It’s April here in North Eastern Ohio and after a couple of false starts with 80 degree days in March, it looks like spring is finally here for good. If you’re like me, you’ve been walking through the garage for the past couple of months with blinders on, trying not to notice the mess that […]

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Quick & EASY™ Closet Organization

Spring has sprung and summer isn’t far off.  Instead of just changing out the cold weather clothes for more summery options, consider doing an EASY™ closet reorganization. Here’s how: o  First, Empty the closet of everything. Put everything that doesn’t belong in your closet in a box, and put these things where they belong later. […]

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A Virtual Organizing Project

I’ve been doing quite a bit of virtual organizing these days.  My best friend called recently and asked me for some advice on organizing her pantry.  Instead of advice, I convinced her to join me on skype and we worked through the project together.  We developed the plan for the space together and broke it […]

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Before you UNdecorate…

Many people will be putting away their holiday decorations this weekend.  Before you do though, I would encourage you to go around your house and take photos of the decorative displays that you were particularly fond of and might want to recreate next year.  Store these photos in a file called holiday decorating and next […]

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Getting Into the Game

I especially appreciated this recent posting by business coach and Dream Partner Cataylst, Patty Sadallah (  Thank you Patty for allowing me to respost your message here: “Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on one’s […]

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An interesting twist on yesterday’s theme of living with less

Tired of paying extra fees for your luggage when you travel? Rolf Potts is a travel writer who is currently half way through a six week trip around the world.  So what, you say.  Well, Rolf is making his trip without any luggage.  He has only the clothes on his back and a few items, […]

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Why some people don’t have clutter…

As a professional organizer I help people reduce the clutter in their lives.  An acquaintance of mine Narda, recently shared an interesting story with me about why she no longer has room in her life for clutter. Many years ago, when Narda was building a home, she stored boxes of personal belongings and memorabilia in […]

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