Favorite iPad Productivity Apps – Part II: Toodledo

Today’s app is so much more than just an iPad app.  Instead it is a cloud app, available to me on whatever internet accessible computer I am using, on my iPhone, and on my iPad.  The app is called Toodledo.  Per the Toodledo website:

“Toodledo is a three syllable word pronounced “two-dull-due” or more technically \’tü-dəl-dü\. It is a play on the words to-do and toodle, which is a british term meaning “take it easy”.  The idea behind the name is that with Toodledo you can manage your to-do list and take it easy knowing that we will remember everything for you.”

Although the name is a little strange, it is one of the best to do lists that I have used to date.  Here’s what I like most about it:

  • Toodledo’s user interface is easy to use on any of the platforms I mentioned above and the cloud syncing between the platforms is seamless.
  • Toodledo allows me to categorize and view my to do items in any number of ways, such as by date due, by priority, by folder or even by location, so that if I am out doing errands in a particular area of town I can quickly identify any other tasks that might need to be done in that same area.
  • Toodledo tracks more than just individual tasks.  It provides for tracking tasks by type or folders.  I have folders for every area of my life, including Exercise, Family, Household,  Financial and Personal Goals.   In addition,  I maintain folders for each of the stores that I find myself at on a regular basis, such as the Grocery Store, Target and Costco.  Whenever I think of anything I need at one of these stores, I enter it into Toodledo and I have a list ready whenever I find myself at the store.  I also maintain folders for each of the organizations I belong to, where I track my responsibilities, both the recurring and one time tasks.  Finally, I maintain folders for each of my ongoing business projects.  Toodledo allows me to easily prioritize the tasks in each of these projects and assign due dates, times and reminders. I especially appreciate that it easily allows me to repeat my numerous recurring tasks such as regular exercise and meditation in myriad ways.
  • Finally, Toodledo offers the opportunity to connect with a number of different services and tools that allow fuller utilization of your to do lists, such as integration with various calendars and widgets.

In my mind, the only real area for improvement with Toodledo is is around integration with my online calendar, iCal.  I can upload my tasks to my calendar, with timed tasks loading directly into the calendar and untimed tasks being listed in my iCal Reminders list.  Unfortunately I am only able to manipulate the timing of those tasks from the Toodledo app and task migration only flows from Toodledo to my calendar, and not the other way around.

Toodledo is available in three different subscription options, the free version which I use and the Pro and Pro-Plus versions which add additional features for $14.95 per year and $29.95 per year respectively.

Have you used Toodledo?  If so, what are your thoughts on it?


3 Responses to “Favorite iPad Productivity Apps – Part II: Toodledo”

  1. Ellen Delap January 16, 2014 10:13 pm #

    Thanks for sharing! Many of my clients love toodledoo!

    I love NOTES. It’s a very simple tool and it captures all things that I refer to.

    It’s all about having trust in your tools.

    • Andrea Sharb January 17, 2014 1:04 pm #

      Totally agree. Trusting and having faith in your tools can make a huge difference with respect to productivity.


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