Favorite iPad Productivity Apps – Part III: iThoughts HD

Like many folks with ADHD, my thought process tends to be more relational than linear in nature.  A colleague of mine calls those of us who think relationally Global Creatives.  This is a blessing and somewhat of a curse: a blessing in that I am brimming with ideas on all sorts of topics, a curse in that I am often challenged by getting my brain around an idea to the point where I can fully explore it.  For example, I never have trouble coming up with something to write about, be it for a blog posting, or a paper for a class I’m taking.  In fact, ideas and connections between ideas abound.  What doesn’t abound though is the ability to document my thoughts around the idea and organize them in a linear manner that will allow a final product to emerge.  This week’s productivity tool for the ipad has allowed me to change that pattern.  It is a mind mapping tool called iThoughtsHD and it allows me to create orderly outlines of ideas, so that I can more easily share those ideas with others.

iThoughtsHD is the outlining tool for relational thinkers.  I begin a mind map by putting my topic in a circle in the middle of the page.  I then begin brainstorming around the topic. When I began my mind map of Chronic Disorganization, a portion of which is captured in the above photo, the initial points I selected to address were Characteristics of CD individuals, Organizing Techniques for CD, Processing Modalities, Causes of CD and Definition of CD.  I then recorded the most important points about each of those areas.  As time went on, I added more topics and subtopics, creating a fairly comprehensive picture of Chronic Disorganization.

The beautiful thing about this app is that I can continually add to my individual mind maps, growing them, as I learn more about a topic.  In fact, my mind map on ADHD seems to  have taken on a life of its own.  iThoughtsHD allows me to create my mind maps in a single color or in multiple colors, to more easily distinguish among branches of thought.  My favorite feature though is that I can share my thoughts with others in a host of ways and formats and with the push of a button, this app converts my mind map into an ordered, logical outline that any linear thinker can easily digest.


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