Favorite iPad Productivity Apps – Part I: Penultimate

I am a huge fan of iPad.  I’ve carried mine with me everywhere for almost two years and when people ask me if I like using it, my response is, “I don’t like it, I live it.”  While that might sound a little exaggerated, it really is true because it has become key to my productivity.  I use it to calendar my life, track all of my to-dos and projects, communicate with others and for a multitude of other activities.  I am often asked what my favorite apps are and in response to the question, I am going to share some of them with you over the course of the next couple of weeks.

Today I’d like to introduce the first of my favorite productivity apps – Penultimate.

Penulitmate is essentially a writing tablet that allows you to write on your iPad screen with your fingertip or a stylus (I much prefer using my fingertip as I always have it handy.)   This app really appeals to my visual modality in that I can select different colors of ink to write with with and can even select different types of “paper” to write on, such as graph paper, notebook paper, etc.  My kinesthetic modality is also satisfied in using this app as I get to actually write and erase directly on the screen.  This app also appeals to me in that I can gather what I write into different notebooks, which are saved in the program.

I use this tool everyday to maintain my gratitude journal, which is saved as a notebook.  I also use this tool during meetings to capture notes and ideas.   Finally, I use it jot quick notes to clients, such as the one above that I wrote last week, the idea of which would have been much more difficult to convey to her in an email or even over the phone.

What is great about this app is that any information that I capture in it can be printed  directly from the app, sent to another app such as dropbox or evernote for storage,  or  emailed to someone else.

Using Penultimate?  Let me know what you appreciate most about it or how you use it.


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