Finding the Right Organizing Support: Neat Streak!

As mentioned in Tuesday’s posting titled Getting Organized? Find the Right Support Using @ICD, over the course of the next couple of weeks I’ll be featuring a number of my colleagues from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) here on my blog to give you a feel for the wide range of talents ICD organizers have.  In addition, to showcasing their talents, I asked them to share a little about how they are challenged organizationally and how they overcome those challenges.  Maybe you’ll relate to some of their challenges (I know I did) and find support in how they’re dealing with them.

Let’s start this series by introducing my friend and colleague, Melanie Dennis, owner of  Neat Streak, LLC in Columbus, OH.  Melanie has organized for ten years and specializes in residential organizing.  She told me she loves helping her clients improve their quality of life and that “[t]here is a great moment when it all clicks and they begin to see what is possible.”  I love that moment too, Melanie!



Melanie is an ICD CD Specialist and an ICD Hoarding Specialist.  In addition to holding these two ICD Level II certificates, she is a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO).

Here’s how Melanie responded to my questions for her:

What do you most appreciate about being an ICD trained organizer? 

I love the commitment to education, collaboration, and growth that ICD provides.  My fellow ICD subscribers are very supportive and encouraging.

How does disorganization show up for you and what have you done /do you do to overcome it? 

Time management – I am very driven to be productive. I make lots of lists.  I tend to overbook myself and overlook myself in the process by not allowing time for self care, like exercise. I always think I can do one more thing. To help myself manage this tendency,  I am trying to become more aware of my priorities and how long tasks really take to accomplish and then build that in. For example, I shouldn’t try to check my email, or throw in a load of laundry when I should be showering and getting ready in the morning. The email and laundry can wait.

What do you most want readers to know about overcoming disorganization? 

Awareness that the disorganization is affecting your quality of life is the starting point. Overcoming disorganization will take a desire for change and a plan to help you reach that goal. It might be scheduling time to declutter a certain amount of space each week or hiring a professional organizer to guide the process. The most important thing is knowing that staying organized will require maintenance. Forever. You will backslide, stack, pile, and “just put things down.”  Even professional organizers have to clean our closets and drawers every so often.

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As mentioned, I hope this series of postings gives you a game plan for seeking the best organizing help for you.  My next post will feature Ellen Delap of


2 Responses to “Finding the Right Organizing Support: Neat Streak!”

  1. Linda Samuels January 23, 2014 8:55 am #

    Wonderful interview! Fabulous series, Andrea! I can’t wait to read next week’s post when you feature the fabulous Ellen Delap.

    I love the self-awareness you share, Melanie…knowing yourself, where you run into challenges, and what you do to keep that level of awareness to overcome them. It’s inspiring! I’m good with certain self-care things (sleeping, eating fairly well, taking time to reflect/plan, spending time with loved ones,) but I fall down BIG TIME when it comes to exercise. I’m a work in progress.

    The theme of awareness continues as you talk about overcoming disorganization. And you’re so right that change begins there. Sometimes we need to sit with those thoughts for a while before we’re ready to take action. But the seed gets planted first…then growth.

    • Andrea Sharb January 23, 2014 2:38 pm #

      Thanks Linda. ICD and its organizers are a pleasure to showcase!

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