Finding the Right Support:

As mentioned in my previous postings, over the course of the next of week I’ll be featuring some of my colleagues from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD)  to highlight the variety of organizing support available.  In addition, I asked these organizers to share a little about what challenges they face when it comes to organization and how they address those challenges.  Maybe you’ll be able to relate and find support in how they’re dealing with their challenges.

ellendelap-editedLet me continue by introducing my colleague and friend, the amazing Ellen Delap, owner of located in Houston, Texas.  In addition to working with residential clients, Ellen works with students and small businesses.

A professional organizer for 13 years, Ellen is an ICD CD Specialist and ICD ADD Specialist.  She is also a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO) and Family Manager Coach.

Here are Ellen’s responses to my queries:

What do you most appreciate about being an ICD trained organizer? 

Excellent training sets a professional apart from the crowd.  Being an ICD trained professional organizer makes my work with clients all the more valuable to them as I have learned new tools, techniques and tips.  ICD research, classes and conferences add to the depth of my skills.  My ICD colleagues provide additional resources as well as referrals.  I appreciate sharing a common thread in learning together. 

How does disorganization show up for you and what have you done /do you do to overcome it? 

As a professional organizer, I am often asked, “is your home perfect?”  My goal in my home is to live simply, purchase purposefully, and maintain easily.  My biggest challenge is often paperwork.  Just like everyone, we have a tsumani of paper that comes in.  I spend about 5 minutes daily on cutting it down and an hour a week on bill paying, filing and list making with the remaining papers.  I try to keep as little as possible and have made “rules” about retention and filing. However, I have way too many file cabinets for my liking and probably anyone else too!  As you work on  your papers, remember that we as professional organizers are often faced with the same challenges you are, that no one likes filing, and that spending time on it helps us all feel a little better.

What do you most want readers to know about overcoming disorganization? 

Overcoming disorganization includes many factors.  For your personal success, find systems and routines that work with your strengths. Add in external support factors with resources like a therapist, coach and professional organizer.  Be committed to the work of organization.  You will achieve your goals! 

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As mentioned before, I hope this series of postings gives you a game plan for seeking the best organizing support for you.  This series will continue in a couple of days when I feature Karen Kruzan, who brings more than professional organizing skills to the table.


3 Responses to “Finding the Right Support:”

  1. Linda Samuels January 28, 2014 1:58 pm #

    Andrea- Just love this interview series featuring the wonderful people from the ICD community. I’m a huge fan of Ellen Delap (and you too!) Love what Ellen says about her goal, “to live simply, purchase purposefully, and maintain easily.” That’s a power-packed statement with so much clarity. I’m guessing having that type of clarity helps inform all actions and decisions.

    • Andrea Sharb January 28, 2014 2:16 pm #

      Linda, glad you’re appreciating the series. I’m a huge fan of ICD and what they bring to the organizing community. Because ICD’s subscribers are so much of what makes it special I thought it would fun to feature some of them. I agree that Ellen’s statement exudes clarity. Maybe she’ll share with us how it informs her actions and decisions. Ellen?

  2. Ellen Delap January 28, 2014 3:24 pm #

    Thanks for the love ladies!

    Great question on how this helps me on daily. It’s just who I am that I like to live simply. I like to limit my options, so I usually have no more than 3 choices at any time, especially when purchasing. I like to do things in small chunks so everything is easier to maintain.

    If it’s not natural for you, it would be helpful to create a mantra or phrase that helps you prioritize and focus. It will be so empowering!

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