Getting Things Done with Hasslebot

These are my weights.  They sit under my desk and serve as a visual reminder to do overhead presses, curls and flys on a regular basis.  The idea is that two sets of three different exercises only take a couple of minutes and I should take that few minutes and do these exercises whenever I notice the weights.  Needless to say, this doesn’t always work for me.

I have a great new tool though that has resulted in me engaging in lifting the weights, instead of just looking at them.  It’s called hasslebot.  It’s a free service that can be found at  Just input what you want to be hassled about and how often.  Hasslebot will then email you a message similar to the one that I receive:  This is a hassle to remind you to Lift weights for arms. So get to it!

I’d love to hear what sort of tricks you use to get things done!


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