Hoarding & Organizing Go Mainstream


Did you happen to read Speed Bump by Dave Coverly yesterday?  The above cartoon, reprinted with Dave Coverly’s permission (www.speedbump.com) wouldn’t have made much sense to anyone five or possibly even two or three years ago. Until more recently no one outside the world of professional organizers, mental health professionals and family members of those with hoarding tendencies were really even aware of the situation that exists in millions of homes.  Now there are any number of series and specials on TV documenting folks dealing with the subject.

A relative alerted me a few days ago to the fact the Mary Worth comic strip’s story line currently involves a professional organizer. It’s only been in the past five years or so that people have even realized professional organizers actually exist.  Again, shows on TV such as Clean Sweep, Mission Organization and Hoarding Buried Alive have helped to bring organizing main stream.

The comics in the paper represent a different form of mainstream than TV though.  TV shows rely on novelty to get you to watch, while comic strips rely on familiarity to get you to laugh, or at least be able to follow a story line.

Based on what I’m seeing in the daily funny papers, it seems the stigma that used to exist around getting organized ( “You mean you can’t do it on your own?”  or “Why would you hire someone to help you organize? You should be able to do it on your own!” ) is finally falling by the way side.  I believe this is a sign that getting organized has become more socially acceptable.  That’s a great thing for folks who are struggling with disorganization.  One less road block means they are more likely to be able to lead the organized life that they seek and deserve.


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