Interesting Interview with ADHD Expert, Ari Tuckman

On two occasions in this blog I’ve recommended a book by ADHD expert, Ari Tuckman, Ph.D. called More Attention, Less Deficit: Success Strategies for Adults with ADHD.  Last month I was lucky enough to hear Dr. Tuckman speak on “A Stronger Mindset to Overcome Life’s Challenges” at the 2013 CHADD Conference in Washington D.C.  I’ve heard Dr. Tuckman speak on a number of occasions on a number of difference topics and highly recommend his presentations, as they are both informative and entertaining.  Today, it was a pleasant surprise to see that a colleague of mine, Ellen Delap posted an interview with Dr. Tuckman on her blog.

In this interview, I especially appreciated something Dr. Tuckman had to say and want to share it with you.  He stated ADHD can be very impairing before it is diagnosed and treated, but that the diagnosis of ADHD can be “very optimistic” if one uses that knowledge and works hard.

I completely agree. The diagnosis can be “very optimistic.”  I have worked with any number of clients over the years who were struggling in many areas of their lives, but called me because their disorganization was what was bothering them most.  As we worked together I noticed any number of ADHD tendencies showing up, many of which were directly contributing to their disorganization.  With each of these clients I shared what I was noticing, discussed ADHD with them and how it shows up, and raised the idea of seeing a health professional and getting assessed.

Each of these individuals ended up with an ADHD diagnosis and having that diagnosis made a world of difference for each of them.  First of all, their pasts and their past struggles made more sense to them.   Second, they could each begin to view themselves from a new, more optimistic  perspective.  Third, with knowledge and treatment they were each able to begin making the shift from a leading a challenging existence to leading a more empowered existence. Great stuff to witness!

Take a few minutes to check out the interview and learn a little more about Dr Tuckman and his thoughts on ADHD.


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  1. Ellen Delap December 4, 2013 11:36 pm #

    Thank you for referencing my blog and Dr. Tuckman’s guest post. I have had many similar experiences with my ADHD clients learning about their diagnosis. It is affirming to know that they are finding new perspectives about their challenges and ways to move forward with these as well. Finding the help you need is so important.

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