My Favorite Things: My All Time Favorite Organizing Tool …Chisel Tip Sharpie

As a professional organizer, people will often ask me about my favorite organizing product, assuming it’s some kind of label maker on steroids or some other type of organizing gadget. Imagine their surprise when I tell them it is a chisel tip Sharpie Marker. Yes, the humble Sharpie Marker, albeit on steroids given its chisel tip.

The chisel tip is key, because it gives you the option of a thin or fat line in one pen. I love this pen because it’s so versatile: it writes on cardboard, plastic, metal and countless other surfaces. And trust me, as a professional organizer I’ve had cause to write on lots of different types of surfaces over the years. I’ve even used it to touch up nicks on painted black furniture and to camouflage the impact of a Zodiaq countertop / over-heated pan incident.

A Sharpie can be used to label anything from plastic boxes to file folders to clothing, but I have several out of the box uses for my Sharpie:

  • to record the dates I open products in my kitchen so I never have to wonder how old a bottle of salad dressing in the fridge is.
  • to record the date I change the furnace filter, by writing right on the filter. Ditto for the water filter in the fridge. If you have kids,
  • to help your child keep track of their belongings by marking your child’s name on just about everything he or she owns: lunch box, coats, notebooks, basketballs, skates, video game discs, etc. The list goes on and on.

There aren’t many products that I use almost every day, but Sharpie is one if them! What do you like about Sharpies?



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