My Favorite Things: Elfa Gift Wrapping Station

Favorite things aren’t always new.  This Elfa station has been one of my favorite things for many years.  I was reminded of it earlier today when drafting another post.  It’s a favorite because it allows me to easily gather all of my wrapping supplies in one location, which in this case is the guest room closet.

As you can see in the picture, rolls of paper are corralled on the side of the drawers, allowing for easy selection and ascertaining that rolls don’t get crushed and the paper creased. The top drawer holds sheets of tissue paper, one drawer holds bows and ribbons, another holds the tape, scissors and other miscellaneous supplies, while the last two hold various sizes and types of gift bags.  The best feature is that the butcher block top lifts off and I set it on the bed or the floor where it becomes an awesome wrapping surface.  By keeping all of the wrapping supplies in one location (with the exception of the holiday wrapping paper which is kept with the holiday supplies) I can always tell at a glance how much of anything I have, resulting in my not overbuying these sorts of things.

I also love how this container establishes boundaries/limits for me with respect to accumulating wrapping supplies.  When one of the drawers gets too full, it’s a sign to do some purging.  Because none of the compartments are that large in size, sorting through a compartment and purging takes very little time.

What’s your favorite way of keeping your wrapping supplies corralled?


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