My Favorite Things: FOFA (Ever Lose Your Keys?)

Have you ever lost your keys?  What about your wallet?  Most people would respond yes to these questions.  If you have ADHD your answer is most likely a resounding “YES!”  ADHDers are much more likely to lose things, such as keys and wallets because challenges we have with working memory and being easily distracted.

There are any number of tips and tricks for dealing with these challenges. My three favorites:

  • Making items you need to keep track of tough to lose.  For example, my kids’ card keys are attached to brightly colored lanyards that make them easy to spot.
  • Having a regular place for things and a rule to place them there every time you come in your home.  For example, my husband has a small tray that he empties his pockets into each evening without fail.  The result – he never loses anything.  I put my purse in the same place whenever I come in the house and I am therefore able to locate it at a moment’s notice, that is unless I’ve left it somewhere else…
  • Attaching easily lost items to something so important to you that you would never lose it, such as when we attached my son’s driver’s license to his cell phone with a wallet card case.  Prior to purchasing the case he lost his driver’s license four times in six months.  Since purchasing the case he has managed to hold on to his license for twelve months running.  At our house, this borders on the miraculous.

When these tips and tricks fail though, we have an excellent failsafe at our house: FOFA.  FOFA stands for Find One Find All® and is an amazing little two way wireless radio transmitter system that allows you to find one transmitter as long as you have the other.  Attach a transmitter to each set of keys and place one in your wallet or purse.  Assign each transmitter a number, from one to six. When you lose something, all you need to do is grab any of your transmitters and press the number of the unit you’re looking for.  This way, if you have your keys, you can find your wallet, or if you have your partner’s keys, you can find yours.  Up to six different transmitters can function in the same system.

I spoke to a representative of the company who shared they are always in the process of developing new applications for their product, so check out their website every once in a while to see what else they have developed.  I noted upon visiting their site recently that they have a new product out that can help you find your glasses.  You can pretty much guarantee that as reading glasses become a necessity for me, so will an FOFA transmitter to help me find them!

*Photo courtesy of Find One Find All® Melbourne Designs, LLC.



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