My Favorite Things: Over Rod “S” Hooks

If you’re a regular reader you know that every once in a while I like to share products that have positively impacted my life.  The interDesign® “S” Hook is one of those products.

My sister first introduced me to them years ago when she utilized them extensively in her mud room.  Since that time I have become a big fan of “S” Hooks because of their portability and usefulness when traveling.

Because these hooks don’t permanently attach to anything, I can move them around the house where ever they are needed most.  As can be seen above, I keep a couple in the hall closet to hang tote bags on, but if we find ourselves in need of the hanging space in that closet, I can quickly place the bags and the hooks on a less convenient shelf.  When I no longer need the hanging space, I can put the hooks and bags back up.  I also make a point of taking at least a couple of these hooks with me when I travel.  They are perfect for hanging: purses or tote bags in a closet, swimsuits to dry in the shower, or those go-to clothing items that are easier to toss on a hook than hang up on a hanger, like a jacket or pashmina.  With the increase in bed bugs in hotels, using these hooks also means fewer things sitting on the floor or on furniture for bed bugs to come in contact with.  Click here for more tips for avoiding bedbugs in hotels.

You can purchase the interDesign® S Hook at Amazon or The Container Store. 





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