Opting Out of Phone Books

At this time of year, I am ususally collecting phone books from my clients for recycling and letting everyone else know that phone books can be recycled at various Cleveland Metroparks locations.  This year, I am going one better though, thanks to my sister, who let me know today that I can opt out of all yellow pages typically delivered to my home.

Here is how:  Go to  http://www.yellowpagesoptout.com/ and provide some basic information, like name, address and phone number.  You will then be provided with a listing of all of the yellow pages you are eligible to receive.  Select which ones you would like, or choose to opt out of all of them.  I opted out of all TEN, yes, TEN yellow pages that I am scheduled to receive in a given year.  That’s a lot less recycling that I will have to do this time next year.  Thanks to Yellow Pages for offering this service!


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