Stopping Unsolicited Mail, Calls & Emails: Important information worth repeating…

A client recently asked about how she could get her name off of mailing lists in order to reduce the volume of junk mail in her mailbox.  Her excellent question made me realize that I hadn’t posted on this topic since getting my new blog up and running last year.

When  I last wrote about this topic years ago I had to point people to a number of different websites and provide a couple of different phone numbers to allow them to get their names, addresses and phone numbers off of various lists.  In 2013 though, one stop shopping is available thanks to the  Federal Trade Commission gathering all of this information in one place.

At  you can find information and links for stopping unsolicited Mail, Phone Calls, Email and more.  How many hours might you add to your year if you’re opening less mail, answering fewer sales calls and dealing with less spam in your inbox?




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