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Asking More Powerful Questions to Ease Decluttering

We recently started what we hope will be our last round of home renovations.  As you know, the first stage of any renovation project is clearing everything out of the spaces being renovated.  I’m noticing that clearing out the master bath, guest room and my office is giving me a great opportunity to continue Phase […]

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Commitment Clutter & the Arrival of Spring

Spring has sprung and I wish I could say these beautiful blooms are residing in my garden, but alas, winter, not aware of the calendar, is too slowly releasing its grasp on the North Coast.  I am confident though that within the month spring flowers will be blooming somewhere along the shores of Lake Erie.  Where ever and […]

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Your Turn: What Are You Most Proud of Releasing in February?

February has come and gone.  A number of you played the #MinsGame along with me in February, venturing to release 406 items over the course of 28 days. Today I’m anxious to hear your success stories!  What was it like attempting to meet this goal?  How many items did you end up letting go of?  What are […]

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Greener Resources for Disposing What You’re Releasing

This is a big month for releasing!  I’m playing the #MinsGame with a number of you this month.  I’m also helping a couple of clients work to keep as many of their discards as possible out of the landfill.  I’ve written about some greener disposal options previously, and today I want to share a few of my […]

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Reducing Clutter? Recycling Made Easy!

I was speaking to a new client recently who is ready to start the decluttering process in her home, but a little anxious about how to best dispose of the clutter.  I’m guessing a lot of you might be feeling the same way. So, here are some places to release some of the clutter you […]

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An Opportunity to Participate in an Important ICD Study

Hi All, I was recently asked by the ICD to pass along the following request to my readers and clients.  I currently serve as the treasurer for the ICD and know that the information derived from this study and others will be useful in helping ICD support chronically disorganized individuals in the future.  The deadline […]

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Next Steps: Important for Keeping a Clear Desk

How many papers are sitting on your desk right now? Have you given much thought to why they’re sitting there?  What’s keeping them from being processed / moving off of your desk? Typically when papers pile up on my desk, or a client’s desk it’s because the next step that needs to be taken is […]

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Got Shredding?

Seems that all of my clients are gathering paper for shredding right now. Must be something in the spring air (yes, spring finally looks like it might arrive here along the North Coast!) I recently spoke with Dana Mueller at the Shredding Network in Wickcliffe, Ohio about doing some shredding work for a few of […]

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Even Organizers get Stuck: Dealing with those Longaberger Baskets…

“Your baskets were a hit!  Thx so much.” That’s the message my sister texted me the day after her son’s elementary school PTO’s annual basket auction. The baskets she was referring to were about 25 various shapes and sizes of Longaberger Baskets that had been sitting packed away in my basement for the past six years. […]

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Stopping Unsolicited Mail, Calls & Emails: Important information worth repeating…

A client recently asked about how she could get her name off of mailing lists in order to reduce the volume of junk mail in her mailbox.  Her excellent question made me realize that I hadn’t posted on this topic since getting my new blog up and running last year. When  I last wrote about […]

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Taking Five to Process the Mail

For the past couple of days I neglected to sort through my mail.  Instead of opening it and immediately recycling the junk and processing the rest, like I ususally do, I let it sit in a pile on the corner of my desk.  It was amazing how big the pile was after just a few […]

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Why some people don’t have clutter…

As a professional organizer I help people reduce the clutter in their lives.  An acquaintance of mine Narda, recently shared an interesting story with me about why she no longer has room in her life for clutter. Many years ago, when Narda was building a home, she stored boxes of personal belongings and memorabilia in […]

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Coaching a Client to Curb Overshopping & Cluttering

In 2009, I reviewed a book called, I Shop Therefore I Am, compiled by April Lane Benson, PhD for the Chronical newsletter published by the National Study Group for Chronic Disorganization.  Because I greatly appreciated that book, I was anxious to read and review Benson’s latest book, To Buy Or Not To Buy, an “interactive […]

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