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What Coaching Can Do…

Just wanted to share a comment I received from a client.  It nicely demonstrates the power of coaching: “Two days in a row of success! (Getting to work early, at the time I want to be there.) Awesome. This is great. You are supporting me in concrete, real life experimentation. Instead of my preferred abstract method of […]

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Coaching a Client to Curb Overshopping & Cluttering

In 2009, I reviewed a book called, I Shop Therefore I Am, compiled by April Lane Benson, PhD for the Chronical newsletter published by the National Study Group for Chronic Disorganization.  Because I greatly appreciated that book, I was anxious to read and review Benson’s latest book, To Buy Or Not To Buy, an “interactive […]

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The Power of White Space

A coaching client of mine recently suffered some major stressful events in her life and shared the following with me in an email:   “Through it all I have (mostly) kept my cool and felt pretty good, at least until I got really sleep deprived. I credit this relative stability to working through the magical […]

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