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Tools for Getting Clearer on Your Goals

I spent some time with my vision board this past weekend, with the intention of getting clearer on my goals for 2015. I last wrote about my vision board a couple of years ago.  Here is a little of what I shared about a vision board then: A vision board is a collection of visual images […]

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My Favorite Things: Buddha Board

My new favorite tool for bringing mindfulness, fun and creativity to change is my Buddha Board. Per the Buddha Board website, this board is “based on the Zen concept of living in the moment. You simply paint on the surface with water and your creation will come to life in bold design. Then, as the water slowly […]

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Bringing Fun & Creativity to Change

I’ve been reminded a couple of times recently about the importance of bringing fun and creativity into addressing one’s challenges. The first was by a coaching student in a class I serve as an assistant trainer for, the second was with one of my artistic clients, and the third occurred as part of a coaching […]

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Staging Your Home: Communicating with Potential Buyers

I don’t really do that much staging work anymore as my interests have shifted to coaching others, especially my fellow ADHDers, around overcoming their overwhelm.  I do have a couple of clients who are putting their houses on the market in the next month or two though, so this post is dedicated to them. Six […]

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What you Focus on Becomes Your Reality: Using a Vision Board to Reach Your Goals

The above is a picture of my vision board for 2012. A vision board is a collection of visual images pasted or pinned to a board that represents things that you want to bring into your life.  My board, created on a framed cork board that hangs above my desk, represents the reminders of goals aspired […]

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A creative way to give gift cards…

I won’t see my family on Christmas day, so we celebrated with them last weekend.  I just had to share the gift that my very clever sister came up with for me, this gift card wreath!  Gift cards, though very practical and it this case very appreciated because I love to read, aren’t necessarily a […]

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Getting Things Done with Hasslebot

These are my weights.  They sit under my desk and serve as a visual reminder to do overhead presses, curls and flys on a regular basis.  The idea is that two sets of three different exercises only take a couple of minutes and I should take that few minutes and do these exercises whenever I […]

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Hoarding & Organizing Go Mainstream

  Did you happen to read Speed Bump by Dave Coverly yesterday?  The above cartoon, reprinted with Dave Coverly’s permission (www.speedbump.com) wouldn’t have made much sense to anyone five or possibly even two or three years ago. Until more recently no one outside the world of professional organizers, mental health professionals and family members of […]

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My Favorite Things: My All Time Favorite Organizing Tool …Chisel Tip Sharpie

As a professional organizer, people will often ask me about my favorite organizing product, assuming it’s some kind of label maker on steroids or some other type of organizing gadget. Imagine their surprise when I tell them it is a chisel tip Sharpie Marker. Yes, the humble Sharpie Marker, albeit on steroids given its chisel […]

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