Time Demand Coaching

Today’s fast paced world places a seemingly endless number of demands on you each and every day – time demands.

A “time demand”, as defined by my colleague, Francis Wade  is an “individual commitment to complete an action in the future.” Time demands, as the name implies, take up your time – your precious 168 hours of time, that you and every other person on the planet are granted each week.

As you’re probably already aware, overwhelm results when we have too much to do and too little time in which to do it – too many time demands for your 168 hours.

Though you may imagine and dream about it being different, the 168 hours you get each week are non-negotiable.  You can’t earn more hours for effort, or because you REALLY have a lot to do, or because you’re being “so productive!” and should be entitled to some sort of hour extra credit. You get 168 hours each week, period.

Though you can’t negotiate more time, you can learn to better manage the demands on your time, because demands on your time are almost always negotiable.

When we partner together in time demand coaching, we’ll get clear on what your time demands are and we’ll learn what’s negotiable for you.  Once we’re able to clarify what time demands are worthy of your attention and you’re free of commitment clutter  we’ll focus our attention on how you’re managing and scheduling your time demands.

Sounds easy, huh?  Truthfully, it really isn’t that hard, but it does require some shifts on your part in perspective, a commitment to the process and possibly learning to use some new tools, all of which are part of our coaching experience.

So, what would be different for you if you were able to manage your time demands more effectively?  What would happen to your level of overwhelm?

Contact me today and let’s talk about how we can partner to support you in overcoming overwhelm!