What Coaching Can Do…

Just wanted to share a comment I received from a client.  It nicely demonstrates the power of coaching:

“Two days in a row of success! (Getting to work early, at the time I want to be there.) Awesome.

This is great. You are supporting me in concrete, real life experimentation. Instead of my preferred abstract method of planning and making lists (spinning my wheels and never going anywhere), you are supporting me in conducting real-life tests. I can observe and record what really works for me. . .awesome! Your support is helping me move forward in more than theory. I have a tendency to be too abstract and theoretical. To be on time, effective and productive means I have to practice being more concrete and doing things for real. . . And facing the discomfort of that, too (like rolling out of bed and into the shower). I feel like it may be possible for me to begin to move from just dreaming about being successful someday (because dreaming is safe and comfortable), but actually venturing to take action and step toward success.

Here’s a quote I just stumbled upon that relates to how I feel this morning:

“Vision is not enough,” said the great playwright Vaclav Havel. “It must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs.”


How might you use coaching to help you move forward?


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