What It’s Like to Be Coached by Me…

“Describe what it’s like to be coached by you.”  There is a piece of paper pinned to my vision board with these words written on it.  It is something that my eyes fall upon every time I sit at my desk.  In coaching, asking clients to consider what something is “like” invites them to think in terms of simile, or more broadly construed, metaphor.  Metaphor can be a powerful tool in coaching because it provides an additional point of reference and broadens understanding.  Who among us can’t identify with feeling “like a wrung out dish towel” at the end of a long, tiring week or “like a kid in a candy store” when presented with a host of wonderful choices?  This colorful language allows us to connect to an idea in a different way.

So, back to the posted statement, “Describe what it is like to be coached by you.”  My response: Being coached by me is like being welcomed into an oasis of focus.  In that oasis you have the opportunity to concentrate on what is challenging you most.  In that oasis you can be supported in creating a game plan to help you best address your challenges. In that oasis you can reach your potential.

In today’s world, many of us feel we are being constantly bombarded by challenges.  Which challenges deserve your time and which can be set aside for later or even jettisoned into the void?  How will you best move beyond your challenges?  These are questions that a coach can help you answer.

How might an oasis of focus benefit you in moving forward?


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