What to pack in that quart sized bag…

Reader Lisa asked:   I struggled with getting all my liquids (shampoo, face cleanser, sunscreen, etc. in 3 oz travel containers) into 1 quart sized ziploc bag.  Any tips for what to bring and what to leave home?

Lisa, my solution to that struggle is to “travel size” everything you can.  Above is a photo of my “quart sized bag.”  In it I have travel sized basics, like shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, deoderant, contact lense solution and toothpaste, many of which are smaller than the 3.4 oz carry on limit and all of which can be found in the amazing travel-sized aisle of Target.

To this, I add the tubes of travel sized facial cleanser and travel sized facial mositurizer/sunscreen that I get from my dermatologist, who hands them out as free samples.  I also have a small tube of SPF 70 sunscreen to use in case of sunburn.  Next is an old Clinique bottle filled with a product called Basic H, which can be used to launder clothes or serve as soap in a pinch.

If we’re heading to a beach on vacation, I wait to purchase larger bottles of sunscreen and aftersun care products at our destination.

What I leave home and what I take in it’s place:

  • Body Lotion – almost every hotel has an acceptable bottle of this, so I never pack it ( Shampoo and conditioner are two more items that could be left at home, but I am really particular about what I use )
  • Liquid Make-up – I take a sponge on foundation in a compact
  • Liquid Eyeliner – I take a crayon eyeliner
  • Bottle of Perfume – I have a couple of perfume sample vials that I can stick in the quart bag if necessary
  • Fast Food (My favorite leave in hair conditioner) which I only have a 7oz tube of – A tiny bottle of Morrocan Hair Oil which is a good enough replacement for vacation

Hope this helps and let me know if there are any additional substitutions you make when traveling light.


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